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Tharanya Associates – Best Civil & Construction company in Pondicherry. Well experienced civil & Construction Contractors helps you to Make your Dreams Come True.

Providing Plan, Design and Implementation, Site Management, Materials procurement, Project Management and quality control services in Civil & construction Business.

Tharanya associates is manned by competent engineers and technical officials of long term records in design production, construction and testing both destructive and non-destructive. We have skilled labors and technical engineers providing best construction services.




Our Mission

To be honest in all our activities, dealings and to consciously introspect our work and action on day to day basis. Tharanya associate is a company that would consciously like to channel its resources, energy and activities towards building a world that is free of low standards.

We will question every action on ours of minute to minute basis and see to it that we continuously take on bigger challenges and we must grow and progress on a daily basis in everything that we perform. We must progress as individuals as a company as a truly meaningful organization that is honest, fair in all its dealings.

Every person in our organization must consciously develop himself in knowledge, attitude, habits, skills and strategies in order to build a meaningful world through our work. We will strive for excellent quality in every work that we execute on a daily basis and see to it that we don’t compromise on our values of honesty and commitment at any given cost, irrespective of the situations. We believe in the foundation of quality, commitment and contemplation on regular basis in order to continuously grow. It is our mission to provide the best of work in our field .

We will continuously provide best and quality oriented work through our projects because of our current achievements will be the foundation of our success in the future.