Construction of Building and heavy equipment foundation

Building construction is procured privately utilizing various delivery methodologies, including hard bid, negotiated price, traditional, management contracting, construction management-at-risk, design & build and design-build bridging.

Sand Blasting and painting

We are doing Anticorrosion Coating on Steel Structurals and tanks and industrial equipments to protect the equipments from Corrosion.

We are preparing the surface by Sand Blasting process to meet SA2.5 swedish standard finish to the fullest satisfaction of customers.

We are doing Abrasive (Sand) Blasting work on Industrial Equipments, Storage tanks, pipes and structures etc., To remove existing rusts and mill scales to obtain better adhesion of coating of material before painting (or) Anticorosive protective lining work process.

Fabrication & Erection work

If you are looking for superb Site Fabrication and erection services, then we are the perfect option for you. We are the best manufacturers of Commercial Site Fabrication and erection Services. We, being the chief service providers of On Site Fabrication & erection services in Pondicherry.

Road works

Roadworks occur when part of the road, or in rare cases, the entire road, has to be occupied for work relating to the road, most often in the case of road surface repairs.

Galvanizing works

Zinc sparying is carried out for Sand Blasting process by using zinc wire. The method used is gas fusion, The Thikness obtained is this process is carried out only after Sand Blasting process. Zinc Spray Galvanizing provides best anticorrosive property in high Corrosive environment.